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Strategy Workshops

How often do you spend a fortune on research or consultants’ fees, recognise the findings as being really useful but 12 months later discover nothing’s been done about it and the report is just gathering dust on your bookshelf? Sadly, we’ve all been there. But there are ways to avoid this even in those organisations, like partnerships, where dispersed management can make decision-making difficult and slow.

One way is by examining the art of the possible – as opposed to the science of the impossible – at an early stage. We nearly always recommend the appropriate client team participates in a Strategy Workshop at the outset of a project. Not only does this build buy in to the overall aims but it also, if properly facilitated, will identify probable outcomes and the likely actions needed to make progress. And some activities at least can be started there and then, whilst enthusiasm is still at a high level. Surprising facts may also emerge at this type of event.

Put Your Enterprise On The Map

Improving enterprise performance incorporates tasks both large and small – running meetings more effectively, making the right decisions, closing sales in half the time. You can use Mindjet® MindManager® software for your personal productivity or across the enterprise to save time, harness corporate knowledge, and energize your team.

OmWeb now offers industry-leading Mindjet MindManager 6 mapping software as a visual, highly intuitive interface so individuals and teams can easily capture, organize, and share ideas and information – then quickly take action.

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