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Swami Devageet - C. H. Newman BDS. DipMDH.

Specialist in Healing and Spiritual Growth

From Medication to Meditation - using Light

Illumination Therapy©

A radically new approach to healing and spiritual growth using Light-as-colour, Hypnosis and Elucidation.

By Swami Devageet -- Dr.C.H.Newman BDS Dip.MDH.


Illumination Therapy© has been developed from a core insight given to me directly by the enlightened master Osho a short time before he died.

I am Osho's personal dentist, and his disciple, and in the middle of one night in 1989, three months before he left his body, Osho called me into his room and gave me a remarkable message. The whole meeting took more than two hours. The complete message is too long for this article but the essential points may be summarised:

Each individual's physical body, especially the teeth and their associated structures, are memory banks containing memories from yesterday back to our evolutionary roots. It is a continuing life process.

The memories, both ancient and recent, are accessible.

Accessing the memories reveals healing-core information that can enable healing to a degree not possible by other means.

Specific memories form the roots of all our behaviour patterns and our deepest bio-physical conditioning.

Signs and symptoms of any disease are rooted in healing-core memories containing unconscious emotional and psychological contents.

Accessing specific core-memories enables rapid and profound healing of physical, emotional and psychological disease.

Accessing core-memories enables rapid and profound spiritual growth, self-realisation and integration.

The words 'Medication' and 'Meditation' come from the same root: 'medi' - to come to the centre, to heal.

[At Osho's request the essence of his message was put out as a world press release.]

The next step came when Osho asked me to communicate with the German naturopath, Peter Mandel, who works with light-as-colour, and Kirlian Photography. My training in Peter Mandel's Esogetic Colourpuncture led to the techniques and discoveries on which Illumination Therapy© is based.

Illumination Therapy© is an effective way to access core memories stored in our physical body for personal healing and individual spiritual development

Individual Healing program of Illumination Therapy©.

Light applied to certain acupuncture points on the body has been proven to affect regions of the body remote from the site of application. These energy pathways of acupuncture are the same used for the transmission of light to heal human and animal bodies.

Light-as-colour when applied to the human body for healing also enables the recall of memories from early-life events, as well as having the proven capacity to physiologically affect the body's natural healing mechanisms and its metabolic activity.

Illumination Therapy© provides simultaneous biological and psychological healing by,

a) stimulating the body's natural healing processes, and

b) enabling the recall of causative core-memories.

Thus it is a complete mind-body healing process.

In the many years of clinically working and refining this method I found that memory recall and its attendant healing happens more easily when the individual is deeply relaxed. A simple method of trance induction is used for whole body relaxation.

The recollection of forgotten causation memories is made easier by verbalising them as they happen. This is called 'elucidation'. When an individual spontaneously verbalises detailed memories released from the unconscious mind by the application of light, those memories become integrated in the conscious mind and their associated symptoms disappear.

In 1905, Freud and Breuer in their ground-breaking work, "Studies in Hysteria", wrote: "we found to our to our great surprise that each hysterical symptom disappeared when we had succeeded in bringing clearly to light the memory of the event by which it was provoked and in arousing its accompanying effect, and when the patient had described that event in the greatest possible detail and had put the effect into words."


Most of our behaviour patterns -- reactions to events -- were formed in our childhood, babyhood, and even in the womb. Our present day illnesses are similarly rooted in long forgotten events and their associated emotions. Illumination Therapy© enables the release of these deeply imprinted memories that are biologically and energetically active despite being buried in our unconscious minds and therefore "forgotten". The energetic effects of disowned memories negatively influence our physical, psychological and emotional state, creating dis-ease.

Illumination Therapy© indicates that most physical disease symptoms arise similarly to the hysterical symptoms studied by Freud and Breuer. Using light-as-colour, hypnosis, and elucidation enables a similar remarkable release of symptoms by enabling conscious recall of causative core-memories at the root of any disease, not only psycho-emotional diseases such as hysteria.

Illumination Therapy©, using the same approach and method effects authentic spiritual development and self-realisation.

All spiritual growth arises naturally from our personal experience of life and the inner understanding that is its outcome. Our daily physical-psycho-emotional responses to situations form the warp and weft of the fabric of our identity. The more we become aware of what is actually happening in our lives -- why it happens, and how we unconsciously influence it -- the more we grow in wisdom and understanding. This growth in awareness, understanding and responsibility for our own lives is real spiritual development.

Awareness is a function of higher consciousness and is enhanced and speeded up when we deliberately examine the accepted beliefs, attitudes, prejudices, opinions, theories and ideologies underpinning our personality. In the crucial re-examination of the roots of our identity, we discover the false assumptions that cloud the sky of our inner clarity, preventing us from discovering and living according to our own values.

Spiritual growth arises from experiencing who we really are, not who we try to be in order to win the approval of others. The aim of a seeker is to directly experience their source, the true centre of their being.

This quest for our real self necessarily means that we drop any false ideas and notions acquired along the way. We bring to reality -- real-ise -- our deeper self, not as belief or hope, but in the solid reality of self experience. Finding the reality of our true self is self-realisation. In casting off what we find is not ours at all but given to us from others we rediscover and directly experience the reality of our authentic self.

The Spiritual Quest program of Illumination Therapy© is a series of processes, each comprising a number of individual sessions that systematically and progressively dissolve our barriers to higher consciousness and awareness. Experience is the key to real change and this method safely enables you to come face to face with your essence, the essential inner core of your life. This is your inner truth.

The search for your truth uncovers our evolutionary roots extending back before our human experiences. The quest program of Illumination Therapy© enables the conscious recall of experiences not only from our early-life, but also past lives, pre-human evolutionary forms, and before. We experience that our evolutionary past is the evolution of consciousness, not mere biology.

Illumination Therapy© enables the conscious recall of cellular and genetic memories.

Although this sounds radical, and it is, it is the reality of our human roots grounded in nature's wholeness. Each individual, you and me, as a foetus in our mother's womb re-lives the human evolutionary journey from single cell to fish, to amphibian and to human. Ontogeny precedes phylogeny is a biological truth.

Illumination Therapy© brings our evolutionary reality to personal experience, and the conscious awareness enables profound dimensions of spiritual awareness.

It is a paradox of the spiritual path that each seeker must uncover their roots into existence in order to reach the heights of their intrinsic human potential.

The astonishing depth of experience enabled by Illumination Therapy©, and the corresponding expansion of spiritual awareness that is its consequence, comes from its original source, the insight of the enlightened master Osho.

Awareness is the cornerstone of meditation, and meditation is the key to spiritual unfolding. Illumination Therapy©, by enabling the opening of previously unknown doors brings the solid experience of the many dimensions of life to us. In the light of this realisation we stand revealed in our own eyes as a vital participator of the wonder of life as a loving, laughing, truly human being.

Devageet May 2000.


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Devageet is the creator of ILLUMINATION THERAPY ©

A systematic, fast and progressive method for healing and spiritual growth, based on direct, personal guidance from the enlightened master Osho. Devageet was Osho's personal dental surgeon for 12 years. ILLUMINATION THERAPY © is a radically new approach to spiritual evolution, a fast profound dis-identification process enabling memories from the past -

Contact: Devageet@aol.com  and  Devageet_Light@yahoo.com

(Devageet travels frequently so email is the best contact.)

Mobile Phone: 077 8999 2381


Individual sessions available in Munich, Barcelona, Poona, Lanzerote, Riga. Talks and demonstrations of the many application of Devageet's work can be arranged. Reprints of articles are also available at cost.

Publishers interested in this radical new approach to healing as self-actualisation please contact Devageet.


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