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Swami Devageet - C. H. Newman BDS. DipMDH.

Specialist in Healing and Spiritual Growth

From Medication to Meditation - using Light

Devageet uses Light-as-Colour, Electronic Gem Therapy, Hypnosis, and Elucidation (dialoguing with somatic centres), in order to access, heal, and integrate core emotional, psychological and spiritual issues that negatively influence your life.

Devageet gives one-to-one individual sessions in Munich, Barcelona, Poona, Lanzerote, Riga. They include:

* Healing physical disease.
* Healing emotional and psychological dis-ease.
* Healing and Integrating spiritual crises.
* Voice Dialogue.
* Body Wisdom.
* EMDR- phobia resolution.
* Chakra energy balancing.
* Psycho-Spiritual Counselling.
* Trance and Dialogue for Healing.
* Trance n' Dental Dialoguing.
* Esodontics (The use of teeth for esoteric discovery)
* Heart-Light Healing.
* Male-Female Polarity Balancing.
* Early Life Regression Therapy.
* Past Life Therapy.
* Inner child work.
* Transition Therapy (Life change and crisis integration)
* Life Context Overviewing.
* Lightmaster Colour Therapy.
* Illumination Therapy.
* Trancework includes: Healing Journey.

Journey into the Seven Energy Bodies.
Somatic Dialogue Therapy.

Devageet is the creator of ILLUMINATION THERAPY ©

A systematic, fast and progressive method for healing and spiritual growth, based on direct, personal guidance from the enlightened master Osho. Devageet was Osho's personal dental surgeon for 12 years. ILLUMINATION THERAPY © is a radically new approach to spiritual evolution, a fast profound dis-identification process enabling memories from the past -

Click here to see FULL article - A radically new approach to healing and spiritual growth using Light-as-colour, Hypnosis and Elucidation.
* The Personal Unconscious Mind -- early life issues, intra-uterine issues, past lives;

* The Biological Collective Mind -- biological, pre-human evolutionary memories;

* The Universal Unconscious Mind -- Pre-biological evolutionary memories;

to be brought systematically and progressively to conscious awareness and integrated into the psyche. This depth of psychic integration spontaneously dissolves the barriers to meditation thereby expanding consciousness, raising it to the level where the quantum leap happens: "When you drop the past your meditation will take your consciousness to the stars, your true home."

2. Trance and Dialogue for Healing (accessing core, emotion-bound dissociated memories located in the physical and energy bodies.)

3. Esodontic Therapy -- using teeth to access evolutionary memories.

Links: Therapy Seek A Valuable Therapy Information Resource Website

Contact: Devageet@aol.com  and  Devageet_Light@yahoo.com

(Devageet travels frequently so email is the best contact.)

Mobile Phone: 077 8999 2381


Individual sessions available in Munich, Barcelona, Poona, Lanzerote, Riga. Talks and demonstrations of the many application of Devageet's work can be arranged. Reprints of articles are also available at cost.

Publishers interested in this radical new approach to healing as self-actualisation please contact Devageet.


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