LP0-6 Colour Wheel


Peter Mandel is the founder of Esogetic Medicine, of which Light-Puncture is a part. After going to Poona, India to teach his method of color therapy at the Osho Commune, Osho Light-Puncture was born, which specializes in the link between the body and mind and the effects of meditation and color on both.
Color treatments included in this course are for endocrine (hormonal) balancing, immune system strengthening, color cleansing, dream stimulation, stress management and pain reduction.


LP0-6a Color Point Treatment

Mandel is a German physiotherapist, naturopath and acupuncturist, who started with research into Kirlian photography as a means of diagnosing the source of pain and sickness in the body. There is a detailed introduction of Peter Mandel and his work in one of the later modules.

He developed a light set of 7 color encoded glass pyramids and a penlight, used in Light-Puncture, to introduce color into the body. This is the most effective, most direct method of using color to heal the body.

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