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Google AdWords advertisements connect you with new customers at the precise moment when they're looking for your products or services.


OmWeb will help you create your own ads, choose keywords to help match your ads to your audience. You only pay Google AdWords when someone clicks on your adverts. Increase your AdWords productivity with advanced OmWeb campaign account management.

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  • Increase AdWords productivity with advanced OmWeb account management.
    Save time and money with the OmWeb Google Client Centre. 
  • Build your expertise with training.
    Access the Google Learning Centre, where you will find comprehensive, web-based training lessons to expand and hone your AdWords knowledge and improve your business ROI.
  • Promote your business with Google AdWords.
    Use OmWeb's expertise and skills to find and contact your prospective clients.

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OmWeb AdWords Campaign Management Service

OmWeb Google AdWords account management services will run your campaigns professionally and stretch your advertising pound to maximize your ROI - from ad copy creation and keyword research to bid management and keyword performance tracking.

The Benefits

  • Extremely competitive pricing - Our campaign management fee starts from just £50 per month (and generally never exceeds over £250 per month). We do NOT have any setup fees. See Pricing Information for more details.
  • We will create and test the ad copies, select keywords and set the bid price for the keywords (Just let us know how much you are willing to pay per click and we'll take care of the rest!).
  • If you are already running your AdWords campaigns, we will optimize your campaigns based on OmWeb Search Engine Services techniques.
  • Unlimited keywords, unlimited AdGroups and unlimited changes to the ad copies.
  • Monthly performance comparison reports.
  • Regular discussions on the progress of the campaign with your account manager through email and chat.

Pricing Information

We charge anywhere between £50 and £250 per month for management of your Google AdWords campaigns. We need the following information before we give you a quote –
- Your website URL
- Maximum CPC that you can afford to pay
- Your maximum monthly ad spend in Google AdWords

The actual quote depends on a number of factors - most importantly, the competitiveness of the business segment. There are absolutely no contracts to sign - you can cancel the billing anytime you are not satisfied with our performance.

We can also manage Overture/FindWhat/other PPC campaigns.

Our Approach

Once you sign up for our Google AdWords campaign management services, we have a brainstorming session where we discuss –

  • The main objectives of the campaign (Increase in traffic? Reduction in average CPC?)
  • The maximum CPC that you can afford to pay. Our team will make sure that your average CPC will be well within the set limit.
  • Target market of the campaigns.
  • Any special instructions (For example, pausing of campaigns on weekends)

OmWeb will analyse your website along with existing ads and keywords. We also check the ad copies of your competitors to decide on the best ad copy for your keywords. If your objective is to increase the traffic, OmWeb will carry out keyword research and include high traffic keywords.

We can even reduce your average CPC without affecting your traffic by bringing about an increase in CTR of your keywords. We also test different ad copies so that your keywords get maximum exposure for minimum cost-per-click.


Please contact OmWeb Search Engine Services at to get started. Please include your daily ad budget and the URL of the website you are promoting using Google AdWords.


PS: As your campaign manager we will also undertake extensive analysis of your web site to ensure that it is "search engine friendly" and send you any recommendations. If required we can also quote for web maintenance or design and can offer complimentary full Search Engine Services. OmWeb has acquired the consulting services of one of the USA’s leading Search Engine Optimizer’s. Their research service is only available to SEO businesses with a focus to simplify the complex and create search engine optimization strategies that actually work. If required we will apply these latest techniques and evaluate the potential for your business.

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