"In 48 minutes I can show you how I achieved

a #1 ranking on Yahoo AND Google that generated 1,179,119 UNIQUE Visitors

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Brad Fallon  CEO, SEO Research


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Andy Jenkins from Online Store Profits spends 50 minutes interviewing Brad Fallon,

of www.MyWeddingFavors.com.


His Brand New eCommerce Store (that he and his wife started in their Atlanta basement) earned...


in the first 11 Months of 2004.

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Learn how Brad used his professional SEO Skills

to achieve a #1 position for "Wedding Favors"

in Both Google AND Yahoo


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You also get:

The 7 Biggest Mistakes

Search Engine Optimizers Make

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Learn how to avoid these Rank-Destroying errors:

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● Failure to tune your Anchor Text Link Navigation - Most people do this wrong...

● Failure to provide HTML Link partner information. One key to getting Quality Links FAST.

● And Much More


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