How to Make MASSIVE Mounds of Money
In Record Time on Google
(Even Without a Website or a Product!)

From: Chris Carpenter

Dear Internet Friend,

The system you are about to learn earns awesome cash from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world. In one month, I earned more than an entire years work! Other months I make only half of that, but that's okay, it's still more than my old full-time office job.

It was not too long ago that I commuted 1 hour each way, 5 days a week to sit under buzzing florescent lights, in my small work cubicle. Boy, I really hated it! Does this ring a bell?

I, like you, knew there must be a better way. A way that I could earn a secure income for my family and still enjoy the freedom to do the things I love.

There is a Wealth of Opportunity and Money to be made on Google and the Internet. Once I learned this it became my passion. I'd never felt like that about work before. But now I am finding new ways to make money on the Internet all the time. In Google Cash I describe my very profitable Google AdWords Campaigns and teach you step by step how to succeed with Google AdWords.

Did you know that you can actually make money on Google?

Anyone can do it and it is easy!

Just one simple Google AdWords campaign, which takes less than 30 minutes a week, earns me thousands per month. And in GoogleCash I show you exactly how I did it, and how you can too.

Working in our home office
(click to enlarge)
Working while traveling in Mexico
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What's your dream lifestyle?

Perhaps you like to travel? We love to travel! I set up and maintain these Autopilot Google Cash Machines from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world. Maintaining all of these campaigns takes only a few hours a week and is easy to do while traveling or staying put.

With this new found freedom, my wife and I and our 10 and 11 year old boys now live part of the year (surf season) in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and the other part of the year (ski season) in Park City, Utah. All we need is a computer connected to the internet.

My campaigns are performing unbelievably!

I'm now averaging over $1000 a day in profits and growing. I still can't believe it. Thanks again. Your book is changing my life!

Jeremy Wilson
"The #1 resource For All Things Google"

Click Here to read a review by Jeremy and to see screen shots of Jeremy's personal results.

Feb. 2005 Update - This is Brand New Information!

With Google Cash you now also receive as a free bonus the Google Cash 2005 Special Report - "From Chump To Champ: An Education in AdWords Success with the Google Cash System":

Jeremy Wilson, one of Google Cash's star students, shares his methods of using the Google Cash system to average over $1000 a day in profits. All without having a website, or product. He does it all with Google AdWords, Affiliate Programs and the Google Cash techniques. And you can too!

Only Google Cash customers will receive this 44 page, detailed report.

GoogleCash gives you all the tools you need to turn the Search Engine * into an Autopilot Cash Generating Machine!

Here are the Facts

You DON'T need physical inventory!
You DON'T need to handle any products!
You DON'T even need a website! With my innovative money-making techniques, you'll earn more from the Internet than 99% of Web site owners - and you won't need a Web site.
You don't need to send spam to anyone. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet, and the amazing discoveries I've made.
DOES NOT Require a huge investment. I started with $10 and 2 hours a week.
This eBook is not theory, but a practical step by step guide.
You can actually start earning cash today. Yes, today. Everything you need to know is in GoogleCash.

GoogleCash is a #1 top seller on!


Because the GoogleCash system really works and anyone can do it

Clickbank is the most popular eBook site on the Internet with more than 40,000 books. In just one month Google Cash sky-rocketed to be a top selling book on ClickBank. I am proud of Google Cash's success and know that it is attributed to the fact that this is an easy system that anyone can master! Click Here to see proof of Google Cash's #1 ranking.

I can practically hear you asking yourself: But are there any opportunities left?


The market is huge and constantly expanding. More than 200 million people a day search on Google for products and services, and there are less than 100,000 advertisers. There are far more products and services than there are advertisers to promote them. Also new products and services are entering the market every day at an amazing rate.

And the Google Cash techniques are not limited to Google only. They work on other pay-per-placement programs too, like:,,,, and many more.

The bottom line is that we are still on the ground floor of this ever expanding opportunity. Come join us today, you'll be glad you did!

Google AdWords is an enormous market and GoogleCash shows you how you can profit from your own computer in your own home!

"GoogleCash makes earning affiliate income easy. Chris teaches you exactly how to guide customers to a product or service they want using Google AdWords while the merchant provides the website for the product or service. All you do is collect the commissions!

Don't worry if you have any questions. Chris responds promptly to all emails... He even helped me find several profitable campaigns! You can literally start making money in less than 15 minutes. Great job Chris!"

Jeff Alderson
"Maximize ALL Your Keyword Ad Campaigns!"

So how do I earn a full-time income working only part time from whatever exotic country my family and I happen to find ourselves in?

OK, here's the secret: Do you Google™?

If you do, then you have probably seen the Google AdWords.

They are the little text ads that appear next to search results on Google.

You can make incredible money just by placing these Ads, guiding customers to the product or service they want. The merchant provides everything else - the Web site, the inventory, the customer service. This means your part is a breeze. You simply place ads and collect the commissions.

Here are the steps:

Look for products/services sold online - Google Cash shows you where!
Sign up for free as a reseller - Google Cash shows you how!
Advertise these products/services on Google - Google Cash shows you the best ways!
Receive commission checks and cash them!

GoogleCash shows you exactly how to do it, step by step, guaranteed. And you don't even need a Web site. It's easy and anyone can do it!

You'll learn step by step how you can start earning good money immediately by writing effective Google AdWords promoting companies, their products and services. Every time your ad results in a sale or sign up - You Earn Money!

You can download GoogleCash now and start reading it in just a few minutes. And if you're not completely satisfied, you instantly get every cent of your money back. I guarantee it.

Who else says my GoogleCash system works?

I'm proud of how many newbies and industry authorities alike have bought my book, actually used the information to make money, and written me letters of praise.

"I always thought you had to be an expert to make money on the Internet. I am just a beginner. But, so far, using the Google Cash System I have made just over $400 in profit in about 2 weeks. I have tried many business opportunities, and this has made me the fastest cash in the shortest amount of time.

Thanks for writing and sharing Google Cash, Chris. Also thanks for your help and answering emails so fast."

Gwen Carter

"This book ROCKS! I swear I was so excited halfway through reading it by a brainstorm it inspired, that I put it down to create a new Google campaign.

Even if you think you're an expert, you will get great ideas. And if you are a novice, this may be all you need to create a nice income stream from the net."

Jeff Mulligan

"You tell it like it is including real examples of campaigns that you are running that are making money right now. I hope you are not shooting yourself in the foot by making this information available to everyone!"

Jim Nech

You can do this in the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas at any hour. You can invest from a few minutes to several hours a day, it is up to you. You can do this!

In the past affiliate income wasn't easy.

You had to spend time and money building a website and getting it listed in the Search Engines. It took 6 months before you were earning any commissions.

There is a better way. This well guarded Secret hasn't been revealed until now. Google Cash breaks it down for you Step by Step and teaches you 'must know' techniques to creating a powerful, potent money making niche on the Internet!

This information is not available anywhere else online.

GoogleCash makes affiliate income easy. You don't need to spend time and money building a web site.You don't have to send emails or Newsletters. The Merchants have already taken care of everything. You simply place AdWords Ads and cash your checks. It's that easy!

GoogleCash takes you beyond theory. With screen-shots and practical steps to follow, you get the tools to put these innovative concepts into practice.

You also receive my personal email address so I can help you succeed!

You are shown in detail how I setup two of my successful 'Autopilot Cash Generating Machines'. I also discuss several more of my profitable Campaigns. You can see them in action. One example you are walked through, took 30 minutes to setup and earns $3712 in profits per month. You will learn how you can do this too!

This is legal, ethical and violates no policies. In fact, the Merchants love you for it!

GoogleCash comes with all of the tools you need, you just follow the examples, click on the links and do the steps. You also get a concept to start on your own.

As you follow the course you will discover your own wildly successful programs because of your own unique interests and insights.

"You have revealed one of the most powerful affiliate marketing techniques available today. Using Google and without the need to build their own websites, any affiliate marketer can now start earning an income almost immediately.

Your step by step sample case studies have brought out the simplicity of your techniques for anyone to follow. This is one ebook every affiliate marketer cannot do without and has my highest recommendations."

T.H. Quah

Here's what you get when you order Google Cash:

  Never Revealed Secrets of how to earn thousands writing Google AdWords.  
  87 Page step by step Guide with easy to follow instructions.  
  Detailed Breakdown of several of my Profitable Campaigns.  
  The 10 steps you need to take to be successful - step by step instructions.  
  5 methods for finding and choosing Programs that will make you money.  
  7 "Must Have" Tools that make Keyword Research easy and fun.  
  9 Secrets to writing AdWords Ads that get the click and make you money.  
  How to setup, run, maintain, and track your Google AdWords Campaigns.  
  20 Tips for successful AdWords Campaigns.  
  How to use eBay to get clicks.  
  How to use offline classified ads to get clicks.  

Here's who will benefit most from this information:

  People interested in working from home, at their own leisure and hours.  
  Anyone who wants to make extra money quickly.  
  Current Affiliate who wants to make more money immediately.  
  Current Google AdWords Advertiser (make $ instantly with these concepts).  
FREE Bonus #1:
($49.95 value)

Google Cash 2004 Special Report - "From Chump To Champ:
An Education in AdWords Success with the Google Cash System"

Jeremy Wilson, one of Google Cash's star students, shares his methods of
using the Google Cash system to average over $1000 a day in profits. All
without having a website, or product. He does it with Google AdWords,
Affiliate Programs and the Google Cash techniques. And you can too.
Only Google Cash customers will receive this 44 page, detailed report.

FREE Bonus #2:
($99 value)
This bonus is only available for a limited time. Act now.

e-Course - "How to Profit from Google AdWords"
Brand New Techniques - by Perry Marshall & Jonathan Mizel

2.5 hour audio (mp3) and pdf presentation.
This is Awesome, Brand New Information!
This course alone sells for $99
and you get it free with your purchase of Google Cash. Order today,
this bonus is only available for a limited time.

FREE Bonus #3:
($449.00 value)

Access to my personal Resource Website containing $449.00
worth of best-seller marketing eBooks, Tools, and more.

A wealth of information to help you build on the knowledge and
methods in GoogleCash, and grow your income even more.
Including "33 Days to Online Profits" by Yanik Silver, an excellent
book which normally sells for $47 on it's own.

FREE Bonus #4:
($24.95 value)
My Campaign Tracking Spreadsheet. Your biggest problem is
going to be tracking all your sources of income. I know, you think
that sounds like a nice problem to have (and it is, believe me!)
but you'll be glad you've got this handy dandy little tool when
you want to be spending and investing your dough instead of
counting it.
FREE Bonus #5:
($999.00 value)

My personal email address, so I can help you succeed. I am
here to help you on your path to success! I really enjoy sharing this
system with others and helping people earn an income online. I'll
help you one-on-one.

FREE Bonus #6:
($49.95 value)
Free Updates for life. I am constantly adding the latest
information to Google Cash. I'll notify you each time there is an
update & you won't have to pay a dime!
FREE Bonus #7:
($29.95 value)
Monthly Subscription to Google Tips eZine. This newsletter will
ensure your success by keeping you in the loop with the latest insider
Tips, Tricks, Reviews and Case Studies.

"This month, I had a $550 profit the first 6 days alone. You are charging way too little for this information! There are loads of e-books that don't even come close to delivering this kind of valuable info.

Buying 'Google Cash' could be the best money I've ever spent. Thanks!"

Greg Fowler

Many of you could learn all of this through the long and brutal path of trial and error, and eventually maybe reach success but there is a better way.

For a limited time, for only $49.95 you receive a step by step guide showing you everything you need to know and everything you need to do to be successful. No need to spend all of the hours and money I did to get where I am. Just follow the instructions and start earning money immediately.

Download now - there's literally no risk.

You'll know in a few minutes that everything I say about GoogleCash is true. And with my instant money-back guarantee, there is literally NO RISK for you.

Your No-Risk 3 Month
Instant Money-Back Guarantee

You have 90 days to try “Google Cash". If after exploring the possibilities, you don't love it, simply send me an email and I will refund your money.

With Clickbank your purchase is secure and bears the BBB reliability seal. Purchase with confidence and security.


Click Here to Download Now - Introductory Price Only $49.95
Start making money today.

Yes, you get immediate access even at 2:00 A.M.

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General questions:

Enjoy your success!


P.S. People keep asking me, “Chris, why are you giving away this secret? Won't that just increase your competition?”

Good Question! There are thousands of products and services with affiliate programs on the Internet. And everyday hundreds enter the market. Combine that with all of the possible keyword combinations and the market is absolutely enormous and constantly growing. There is more than enough to go around. Let me show you how to turn Google into a money machine!

P.P.S. The introductory price of $49.95 will be substantially increased soon. I have received feedback that this price is much too low. So Buy Now and Save! You will reap great benefits from this information! You can't lose with my 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!

Start making money today - last chance - download now.

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